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By admin on 10/26/2015 1:31 PM

A truck is likely the second most expensive thing you will purchase in your lifetime, aside from your home. Therefore, it’s important you do everything you can to preserve its value. Whether you are considering selling it down the road, or just want to keep it nice for yourself, there are a number of things you can do to ensure a truck looks as good as the day it pulled out of the dealership.

By admin on 10/20/2015 2:02 PM

The SEMA show is coming the first week of November in Las Vegas! Visit ATC at booth number 38051. Stay tuned for more from us and the show!

By admin on 10/19/2015 9:49 AM

While it might seem obvious, vehicles that are appealing have a number of benefits when compared to others, a J.D. Power and Associates study says. The study also investigates what exactly those benefits are.

By admin on 10/13/2015 8:10 AM

In a partnership with Rhino-Rack, ATC Truck Covers will offer track systems, quick release track mount systems, and cross bars to come installed on ATC truck caps, excluding the EXP. Customers will be able to choose between Vortex Aero Bars and HD Bars. All other Rhino-Rack accessories, including rollers, ladder accessories, roof baskets, and more will be available through ATC as well and drop shipped.

By admin on 10/12/2015 7:50 AM

Fuel Saving Tips

Fuel savings are important for every vehicle, but this goes double for trucks. Sure, a pickup is never going to get the fuel efficiency of a hybrid, but you don’t see a Prius hauling a 1,200 pound load. However, there are measures a truck owner can take to improve, or make sure they are not hurting their fuel efficiency.

So what are some ways to get the most out of the fuel you put into your truck?

By admin on 10/6/2015 7:49 AM

Check out our two new Combination Package coupons:

By admin on 10/5/2015 8:34 AM

ATC Truck Covers Side Tray

The ATC Side Tray is the best way to make the contractor door on the side of your truck cap usable. It is a great place for holding tools, supplies, gear, fishing poles, you name it! It can also be used as a work bench.




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